Search Engine Marketing


Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is necessary to increase your brand recognition. In addition, it is a key tool that businesses use to market their services or products. SEM is more than simply moving your site up in the search engine rankings; it increases the quality of your website exposure so that you can convert website hits into sales.

Search Engine Marketing Experience

Skyline SEO has been providing data driven search engine marketing services for more than ten years so that you get the information you need on how the marketing campaign is affecting your bottom line. We begin by doing the necessary research and gathering initial data. Next, we begin to optimize your site for marketing. We follow up with data driven reports that will help us work together to make improvements and continue moving forward.


Key research includes traffic analysis, competitive analysis, keyword research and competition, link analysis, page load time research, and site structure analysis.


Initial optimization includes revising the site structure, initial link building, HTML tag optimization, sitemap generation, blog implementation, keyword implementation, page titles, and internal link optimization.

Follow-up Optimization

Ongoing SEM requires such things as continued link building, keyword revisions, publishing articles and press releases, deep linking, content optimization, blogging, Google Panda prevention techniques, rank and traffic monitoring and reports, micro-site builds and site security.

Skyline SEO is the company that can meet your search engine marketing needs. We know what it takes to get your product information out to the public. If you are ready to begin a search marketing campaign, contact Skyline SEO today.

What Can Search Engine Marketing Do For Your Company?

  • Increase Brand Exposure & Recognition
  • Boosts Brand Awareness & Sustainability
  • Attracts Relevant & Quality Leads
  • Helps Convert Leads into Sales
  • Offers Instant Gratification Through Paid Media
  • Establishes Proprietary Marketing Channel
  • Expands Market Opportunity and Growth
  • Proliferates Realized Returns on Investment